A day trip to the natural paradise of Süntel

Only 15 kilometers away from the Hotel Stadt Hameln, friends of special natural spectacles can expect a real experience. The Süntel is a 12 km long mountain ridge in the nature park Weserbergland Schaumburg-Hameln and a popular hiking and recreation area due to its special waterfalls and natural beauty. The peaks reach a height of about 400 meters and some of the paths lead up accordingly steep. A popular destination is the 25 meter high Süntelturm. On a clear day the view goes to the Steinhuder Meer or to the Harz Mountains. To the Süntelturm belongs also a hiking restaurant, which offers outside seats in good weather.

Start in Zersen and walk to the Hohenstein (circular hiking trail)

A nice tour starts in Zersen (via the B83) about 15 km from the Hotel Stadt Hameln. The destination is the Hohenstein in the western part of the Süntel. The Hohenstein is a forested plateau at an altitude of 340 meters. Worth seeing are the cliffs, which drop about 40 meters in the direction of the Weser. The path runs through the Blutbachtal. Later it goes over steps to the Hohenstein. A beautiful high-level path with a view of the Weser valley compensates for the ascent. The way back is along simple forest and woodland paths. The tour is about 8 km long and takes a good 2 hours.

A visit to the Schillat Cave

On the north side of the Süntel the Schillat Cave was discovered in 1992. It is 45 meters deep and about 180 meters long. The cave is open for visitors and guided tours are offered (specials because of Corona have to be checked before the start). You will experience a fascinating cave world with sparkling calcite crystals, bizarre limestone formations and various stalactite forms.

Address of the Schillat Cave:
natour.NAH.center Schillat Cave
Riesenbergstraße 2a
31840 Hessian Oldendorf (ST Langenfeld)
There is a free large-capacity parking lot for cars and buses in the immediate vicinity.


A visit to the Langenfelder waterfall in Hessisch Oldendorf

At the northern edge of the Süntel the Langenfelder waterfall at the Höllenmühle Langenfeld also attracts numerous visitors. Here the Höllenbach falls about 15 meters into the depth. Langenfeld is a district of Hessisch Oldendorf.

The address of the Langenfeld Waterfall:
To the Höllenmühle 26
Long field
31840 Hessian Oldendorf

The hiking trails in the Süntel are well signposted and are suitable for year-round hiking.

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A day trip to the natural paradise of Süntel

The Süntel is a 12 km long mountain ridge in the nature park Weserbergland Schaumburg-Hameln and a popular hiking and recreation area due to its special waterfalls and natural beauty
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