Hamelin on the German Fairytale Route


In the towns along the German Fairytale Route, the Grimm brothers collected the fairytales, sagas and legends published in the famous collection “Grimm’s Fairytales”. The German Fairy Tale Road begins in Hanau, the birthplace of the brothers Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm. And the German Fairy Tale Route runs from the River Main (in Hanau) to the sea in Bremen, where the Bremen Town Musicians conclude the fairy tale round.

The Grimm brothers collected more than 200 children’s and household fairy tales and also published almost 600 German sagas. Most of the fairy tales really are familiar to every child, such as Rapunzel (who was locked up in the tower of Trendelburg Castle), of course the Pied Piper from Hamelin or the stories of Baron von Münchhausen from Bodenwerder.

Famous towns along the German Fairy Tale Route are Alsfeld, Marburg, Bad Wildungen, Baunatal and Kassel, Rotenburg an der Fulda, Hannoversch-Münden, Göttingen, Bodenwerder, Hameln, Nienburg, Verden, Bremen and Buxtehude.

In these and other places, fairy tales are brought to life. And there are wonderful events throughout the year (such as the Pied Piper open-air play in Hamelin), which are summarised on the website of the German Fairytale Route:

To the website of the German Fairytale Route


Exploring the Fairytale Land by bike

A long-distance cycle route also connects the most beautiful places on the German Fairytale Route. It begins in Hanau and ends in Buxtehude and leads through charming landscapes such as the Spessart, Habichtswald, Weserbergland and, of course, Hameln.

Here is a short description of the long-distance cycle route Deutsche Märchenstraße:

To the description of the long-distance cycle route German Fairytale Route.

Cyclists are welcome




Many reasons for a short holiday in Hameln

Excursion tip: Bad Münder am Deister

Bad Münder am Deister is only 20 km away from Hotel Stadt Hameln. With the S-Bahn line 5, the journey from Hameln station takes only 20 minutes.

An excursion from Hamelin to Hanover

A nice day trip from Hamelin to Hanover. Shop, enjoy and see lots of new things. The trip only takes about 50 minutes.

The 10 best tips for the summer in Hameln

Here are our 10 best tips for a summer's day in Hamelin and the surrounding area:

Hamelin on the German Fairytale Route

Hameln liegt an der Deutschen Märchenstraße und Märchenliebhaber finden auf dieser Route malerische Landschaften, romantische Geschichten und fabelhafte Veranstaltungen.

Cycle tour from Hamelin to Rinteln

An easy cycle tour on the Weser Cycle Path to Rinteln. 29,7 km ride and an exciting sightseeing programme.

By canoe on the Weser

A special excursion tip is a trip by canoe from Grohnde downstream to Hamelin.

Circular cycling routes in Hamelin

Hamelin is the starting point for cycling tours. Our tip for today is the cycle circuit Hameln - Barntrup - Bad Pyrmont - Hameln.

A visit to Schwöbber Castle

From Hotel Stadt Hameln to Schwöbber Castle it is - depending on the route - between 10 or 15 km.

Osterwald Visitor Mine and Museum

It is only half an hour's drive (29 km) from Hotel Stadt Hameln to the Osterstollen visitor mine in Salzhemmendor

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A visit to the Hamelin Museum

A beautiful building and a unique atmosphere in the Museum Hameln. Only 650 meters from the Hotel Stadt Hameln.

Flotte Weser – an institution in Hameln

Our excursion tip: the small Weser tour or a day boat trip to Bodenwerder.

A visit to the princely riding school in Bückeburg

The Fürstliche Hofreitschule in Bückeburg is about 30 km away from the Hotel Stadt Hameln.

Hiking in the romantic Höllenbach valley. Approx. 8 km for 2.5 hours

Eine 8 km lange Rundwanderung durch das Höllenbachtal. Start ist das Waldbad in Rohden.

Hiking on the Klüt

Here is our tip for an approx. 8 km long circular hike with the intermediate destinations Klütturm, Forsthaus Finkenborn, the Wiengrundbach, Klein Berkel and the Felsenkellerweg.

A day trip to the natural paradise of Süntel

The Süntel is a 12 km long mountain ridge in the nature park Weserbergland Schaumburg-Hameln and a popular hiking and recreation area due to its special waterfalls and natural beauty

Hämelschenburg Castle

From Hotel Stadt Hameln you can reach Schloss Hämelschenburg in only 15 minutes via the B 83

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