Our new menu

starting on April 20th 2022



Croutons / Parmesan / Arugula

Small seasonal salad

Salad / seasonal vegetables / passion fruit dressing


Smoked pepper

Bread chip / sour cream

Poultry broth

Wan Tan / marrow dumplings

Smoked potato soup


Main Courses

original viennese dairy calf schnitzel 180g

Parsley potatoes / cranberries / lemon / salad

Schnitzel with creamed mushrooms 180g

French fries / salad

Fillet stripes „Stroganoff“

Spaetzle / mixed salad

Large mixed salad

optional with chicken stripes, beef fillet stripes or hard boilled egg


Rump steak


Pork Fillet

Chicken steak

Side dishes:

French fries, sweet potato fries, fried potatoes, rosemary potatoes

creamed peppersauce, hollandaise sauce, vegetables

wild fish

Roasted redfish fillet

Ratatouille / horseradish sauce / potatoes

Roasted Island plaice fillet

Rosemary potatoes / bacon / onion sauce / salad hearts

vegetarian / vegan

Vegetables lasagne

vine tomato / olive oil

Red lens dal / veggie balls

potato-vegetable pan


Crème brûlée

Sand / stones / stracciatella

Red fruit jelly

Vanilla ice cream

chocolate mousse

Fruit salad (vegan)

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The restaurant in the Hotel Stadt Hameln. Open every evening (except Sundays).

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