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luca app im hotel stdat hamelnIn order for us to contain the Corona pandemic as quickly as possible, it is important that tracking can be done quickly and without bureaucracy.

The Luca App eliminates the bureaucratic paper lists needed to organise the follow-up. Guests at Hotel Stadt Hameln now have two ways to make the world a little safer by using the Luca App:

You download the app on your smartphone and simply check in at the Hotel Stadt Hameln (or our beer garden, restaurant or event room).

If you don’t want to download the app onto your smartphone, we will send you a QR code that will take you to the Luca website to register. There you enter your data and document your presence in the restaurant, bar or at a party.

We at Hotel Stadt Hameln do not have access to your data. Only affiliated health offices can request and decrypt your contact history. This is only used in case of infection so that information can be given to contacts more quickly and without bureaucracy.

Here you can find more information about the Luca App


More information about the corona situation

Corona – All current information

Dear guests, the Corona pandemic has us all firmly in its grip. To keep you up to date, you will find here in detail the current regulations of the state of Lower Saxony.

Travel in Corona times. Important information.

Travel in Corona times. Important information.

Breakfast during Corona times

Breakfast during Corona times Relax and enjoy your breakfast Since the incidence in our county is in the single digits, we may offer you our breakfast buffet as usual. Only the mouth-nose protection must be worn when you move in…

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