Bike tour to the Auenlandschaft Hohenrode

A beautiful bike trip across the floodplain landscape to Rinteln

In the area of the Upper Weser near Rinteln (Hohenrode), a unique floodplain landscape has been created in recent years on an area of 115 hectares through the extraction of gravel. Here a special natural landscape is created in a Weser loop, which is a must for nature and bird lovers. Depending on the route you choose, it is about 18 to 22 km from the Hotel Stadt Hameln.

This is how you reach the floodplain landscape Hohenrode by bike:

  • You leave Hameln via the Klütstraße
  • Continue on the L433 (Helpenser Landstraße)
  • Follow the road at the Weserbogen (which turns right in Rumbeck)
  • Stay on the country road until you reach the Auen landscape

The trip by bike takes just under an hour.

After visiting the Auenlandschaft, you can continue to Rinteln and return to Hotel Stadt Hamlen via Hessisch Oldendorf. From the Auenlandschaft to Rinteln it is about 6 km.

An excursion by bike or on foot to Rinteln is always worthwhile. There is a wonderful old town to admire and a lot of water to experience. With the Weser, which flows directly through Rinteln and the nearby Doktorsee (bathing lake) and Helenensee, Rinteln is definitely worth a trip for water lovers. There are also nice places to stop for refreshments.

For the return trip we recommend the route via Hessisch Oldendorf. There you can expect ancient traditions, historical sites, contemporary art, buildings of the Weser Renaissance and pure nature.


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