How does “Barcamp” work?

This interactive conference format is finding more and more followers. Of course, we do not camp out in the open, but rather organize a conference where the participants put together their own agenda at the start of the day. The day is divided into so-called “sessions” and the participants change roles again and again: from listener, to moderator, from expert to questioner.

This is an interactive and very motivating event that works with different goals and topics. There are tourism camps, SPA camps, wine camps, event camps, energy camps, city camps or fitness camps and many others. Experts who have something to contribute to the topic always meet and develop ideas or solutions to current topics and challenges.

In the Hotel Stadt Hameln, Barcamps between 30 and 150 people can be organized very well.

Here you can find our Barcamp offer.


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How does “Barcamp” work?

How does "Barcamp" work?
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